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  • This module requires read rights.
  • Source: WikibaseClient
  • License: GPL-2.0-or-later

Gets Wikibase claims.


ID of the entity from which to obtain claims. Required unless claim GUID is provided.


Optional filter to only return claims with a main snak that has the specified property.


A GUID identifying the claim. Required unless entity is provided. The GUID is the globally unique identifier for a claim, e.g. "q42$D8404CDA-25E4-4334-AF13-A3290BCD9C0F".


Optional filter to return only the claims that have the specified rank

One of the following values: deprecated, normal, preferred

Some parts of the claim are returned optionally. This parameter controls which ones are returned.

Values (separate with | or alternative): references
Default: references
Get claims for item with ID Q42
api.php?action=wbgetclaims&entity=Q42 [open in sandbox]
Get claims for item with ID Q42 and property with ID P31
api.php?action=wbgetclaims&entity=Q42&property=P31 [open in sandbox]
Get claims for item with ID Q42 that are ranked as normal
api.php?action=wbgetclaims&entity=Q42&rank=normal [open in sandbox]
Get claim with GUID of Q42$D8404CDA-25E4-4334-AF13-A3290BCD9C0F
api.php?action=wbgetclaims&claim=Q42$D8404CDA-25E4-4334-AF13-A3290BCD9C0F [open in sandbox]